Wren is a one year old English Bulldog who arrived in our care in the summer of 2022 after being seized from her breeder by the local authorities. Much like her litter mates it was clear she had visible health needs including bilateral entropion, conjunctivitis, a corkscrew tail and her ears, coat and nails were in poor quality. As we see with so many bull breeds her stance was wide and her breathing was difficult. Yet another victim of #wealthnothealth breeding.

Our vets have helped with these initial conditions and sadly Wren has had to take many trips to see them since her arrival. The more worrying of her conditions was her breathing and her stance. The investigative xray's on her legs and back discovered her prociperation was severely delayed on her hind also has some abnormalities on her hind legs, she has hemivertebrae and she has the early stages of a life long and limiting condition spondylosis.

Wren is receiving love, care and medication in one of our Palliative Paws foster homes and her quality of life will be monitored closely.

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