Scooter is a terrier cross puppy who came into our care after problems getting on with another dog in the family home. It was immediately apparent that Scooter had something wrong with his back legs and although able to walk, he appeared unable to bend either hind leg which means getting around on uneven ground is challenging for him.

He was referred to a specialist who found he has been infected with the parasite Neospora caninum as a very young puppy, which affected his neuromuscular system. This led to severe muscle and joint contracture of the back legs.  Unfortunately, Scooter’s hind limb joint function cannot be reversed. At the moment he is coping very well with life and seems a very happy dog who can do all the normal things a dog would do at his age. However, we have been warned that we cannot be too optimistic about how he will function as an adult dog and will continue to monitor his welfare closely.

For now Scooter manages extremely well in his Palliative Paws foster home.

Scooter is such a happy soul, he loves our other dogs and is a much loved part of our family. We are very aware that our time with him is likely to be limited so are determined to ensure he lives life to the full. His wellbeing will always be the top priority for us and Hope Rescue.

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