Shirley is a lovely grey French Bulldog.

She arrived in our care after a change in their owners circumstances. On arrival our team noticed that she has been previously used for breeding. Her teeth and skin were in poor condition and more worrying there were signs of extreme muscle wastage on upper hindlimbs and she was struggling to hold her weight when standing.

On further investigations during her spay the vets discovered she has had c-sections which have heavy scarring of midline and uetrine adhesions and she had an umbilical hernia which had left debrided muscle layer. All of which are affecting her current and long term mobility. 

She has severe hip dysplasia in both of her hips. This means she needs support long term so, along with our vets, it was decided she would remain as part of our Palliative Paws scheme.

Shirley’s hip dysplasia is managed both through medication and also attending regular physio sessions

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