Dill arrived in our care at just 12 weeks old with his Mum Dee Dee. They were surrendered to us after their owner recently took them on from a breeder and realised she couldn’t meet their health needs. Both sadly are classic examples of low welfare breeding for #WealthNotHealth. Even our most experienced staff were shocked and upset to see a puppy as young as Dill struggle to function properly.
Dill had breathing issues and has since had Boas surgery to help him breathe easier. On arrival we noticed Dill was very wonky so had x-rays of all his legs and his hips. The x-rays results showed that his front right carpus joint looked almost dislocated; which the vets thought could potentially be due to the way the bones have grown against one another. Sadly, his right hind leg was even worse so we approached an orthopaedic specialists and although surgery may be available in the future, it isn't guaranteed that it would work or improve his mobility so we have agreed to monitor his health as he lives a loving life in one of our Palliative Paws foster homes.
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