Thank you for choosing to make a donation for the Hope Rescue dogs. We really appreciate the support of all the individuals, schools and businesses who collect items for us to keep the dogs warm and their stomachs full.

Please check our list of items below or visit our online wishlist for gifts you can have delivered straight to our rescue centre.

Items that we need the most...

  • Fleecy blankets
  • Large towels
  • Dog beds
  • Meaty treats
  • Tinned dog food
  • Tinned hot dog sausages (great for hiding medication)
  • Strong dog toys
  • Dry dog food (Chappie, Burns or CSJ brand only) this helps to keep the rescue dogs' diet consistent and avoids upset tummies
  • Waterproof dog coats
  • Warm doggy pyjamas
  • Knitted dog coats

Items that we can't use...

  • Duvets
  • Pillows or cushions
  • Sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases or curtains
  • Knitted blankets
  • Open packages of food or treats
  • Dry dog food (except the brands listed above)
  • Prescription medication
  • Flea and worming treatments