We can't change their past, but together we can change their future. 

Kennel life can be extremely stressful for some dogs, especially for those joining us with complex needs, behavioural or medical issues or heightened levels of anxiety. Mounting the confines of a single sized kennel on top of any of these additional needs only exacerbates the dog’s issues, making life harder for them and harder for us to support them.

Our new Home from Home Kennels have been built with the dogs who need extra support in mind. Each kennel is double sized providing the increased essential space they need as well as room for our team to create a nurturing, homely place that supports wellbeing and enrichment, but more importantly caters for rehabilitation, relaxation and recovery.

Keeping each Home from Home Kennel clean, warm and homely costs Hope Rescue around £40 per day. We are currently maintaining 7 of these kennels at a cost of around £1,960 a week. When you sponsor a Home from Home Kennel, you’re not just helping us cover these costs, you’re helping to ensure a dog has a suitable and comfortable home for as long as they need it.

Sponsorship starts from as little as £6.50 a month, helping us to cover the cost of much loved enrichment items for a Home from Home kennel such as toys and treats. Each kennel has been named after a dog or dogs who’ve left paw prints on our hearts.

As a Home from Home sponsor you will receive a welcome letter and certificate as well as email newsletter updates on the residents in your chosen kennel.

Find out more about each kennel and the dog that inspired its name by clicking the pictures below.





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