Named after a brave mum of six puppies who came to us from sad beginnings. 

We rescued Kayla from a puppy farm in 2021 when she was 5-years-old. She was the first dog we managed to catch and put into our van to bring to safety. She was wedged in the back of a shed and before we picked her up we didn't know she was pregnant. It became plainly obvious to us that she didn't have long to go before giving birth. 

Kayla was very nervous and understandably so. We wanted to make sure she had the most comfortable birth possible so she stayed with us in kennels where she gave birth to her beautiful brood, all of whom have gone on to be adopted into their forever homes. 

Unsurprisingly, we all had to learn mutual boundaries. The condition Kayla was in before arriving contributed towards her uncertainty of people so we had to take things very slowly with her, building trust and respect. 

The Kayla Suite is currently home to a seized dog, who has had a hard time recently. They are now safe with us in their special kennel, and will spend time learning about the world around them before they are ready for rehoming.

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