The Baxter Suite is named after a sensitive Shar Pei who was found on straying on a beach.

When Baxter first padded his way through our doors, he was in very poor condition. The poor lad was suffering with ear and eye issues that later required surgery, as well as clear indicators of mistrust in people. As with most of the stray dogs we house, we don't know what happened to Baxter before he joined us but it took nearly 3-years to help him recover from his ordeal and find his forever home. 

Baxter spent a total of 951 days with us at the rescue centre. He learnt over time that he could trust people, which was mainly thanks to the incredible work one of our colleagues put into his recovery. She showered him with time, patience and plenty of love...and treats. Baxter went on to be adopted into a home with another Shar Pei. He's still very much loved and adored to this day. 

The Baxter Suite is currently home to three dogs who need extra support. The extra space afforded by this special kennel is helping them to find their feet.

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