English Bulldog Goose arrived in our care after being seized by the local authorities. Sadly he had some apparent health issues which were down to poor breeding, these included bilateral cherry eye, corkscrew tail and abnormal carpus joints and his coat poor quality.

We worked with our vets to address his issues, starting with both cherry eyes being corrected although left eye has a high risk of reoccurrence. The vets xrayed his hips which showed hip dysplasia and his front carpus and radius not properly aligned, his growth plate is still open at the moment on that leg so we are unsure of how he will cope as he gets older.

This young lad doesn't appear to be in pain at the moment but we would expect to see a decline early on about 2-3 years old which is why he has moved into one of Palliative Paw foster homes to be closely monitored and most importantly loved.

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