Paisley is a bright young girl who is looking for an adventurous family!

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3 years

The perfect home

Latest arrival Paisley is certainly one for the collie fans out there. After arriving to us from the local pound she quickly found herself a foster placement, where she has made herself at home! At 3 years old she has clearly had some work put into her as she knows her basic training and is toilet trained. 

Paisley is exceptionally bright and energetic so new owners will need to be up to the challenge of harnessing this energy into positive outlets. Paisley loves to be on the go, after a quick power nap she’s up and ready to go again, therefore it is very important to work her brain just as much as her body!

Paisley is both toy and food motivated which is great for further training. Paisley has shown a chase drive towards things with wheels, such as motorbikes and skateboards. This is something new owners will need to be committed to working on with her.

Paisley gets on well with other dogs and enjoys a chase game. Whilst being in foster with other dogs she has shown some worry around her resources such as food and toys. Paisley is ideally looking to be the only dog in her new home so she can play to her hearts content without worry! She could potentially live with a dog savvy cat.

She travels well in the car and can be left for a few hours. Paisley can live with children aged 8+.


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