Introducing Bug a delightful 2-year-old Cane Corso. Bug has a puppy-like enthusiasm and charm that instantly captures the hearts of those around him. A big softy at heart, Bug thrives on affection and adores nothing more than receiving fuss and cuddles from his favourite humans.

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Cane Corso


2 years old

The perfect home

After arriving as an unclaimed stray from the local pound, Bug was understandably a nervous boy on arrival. However, with some time and patience, Bug has blossomed into an affectionate and loving boy. 

He approaches every interaction with a gentle demeanour and wagging tail. Bug can find unfamiliar faces, especially men, a little scary. However, with gentle reassurance and consistent positive interactions (and lots of treats!), Bug has gradually shed his apprehensions, revealing a playful and endearing personality beneath.

Bug's youthful exuberance is evident in his boundless energy and zest for life. He approaches every day with a puppy's enthusiasm, eager to explore and engage in playful antics. When it comes to housetraining, Bug's efforts to keep his kennel clean speak volumes about his cleanliness, Bug is likely to housetrain quickly with the right guidance and consistency.

Bug's love for canine companionship is evident in his playful demeanour and enthusiastic play bows, making him an ideal candidate for a home with another dog. He may find a dog that's too playful straight away a bit overwhelming but equally once he's comfortable he is likely to want to play! He could live with children 14+ provided they were comfortable around bigger dogs and willing to give Bug time to come around to them.

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