Meet our little man Egg! Egg came into us as a unclaimed stray and took some time to settle in, and he is now starting to show us his endearing personality day by day, and is now ready to find his forever home. 

My details

French Bulldog


5 years old

The perfect home

Although Egg thrives on human companionship and loves nothing more than being by your side, he is a sensitive boy, and would flourish in a adult only environment without any children. 

While Egg could potentially coexist with a feline or canine friend, it's not a requirement for his happiness, and he would love to make some doggy friends to go on walks with. Egg dreams of having a private and secure garden where he can explore, play, and bask in the sun to his heart's content.

A private garden would be perfect for Egg to stretch his legs and indulge in his favourite pastime of playing fetch with his squeaky toys! 

When it's time for his veterinary visits, Egg needs to wear a cone or muzzle to ensure his safety and well-being. With gentle reassurance and plenty of treats, Egg has taken on training to wear his cone with ease, making vet trips a breeze for both him and his loving family. 

Egg will likely need his time alone built up gradually as he settles into the home. If you think that a Egg-shaped hole is missing in your home, then he very well might be the dog for you.

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