Oakley is only a young boy and has sadly had an unsettled past. Understandably, Oakley can be apprehensive around new people and requires patient, gradual introductions to build trust and confidence. However, once you earn his trust, he’s a true cuddle monster who enjoys companionship. 

My details

French Bulldog


22 months old

The perfect home

Oakley is looking for a quiet adult only home with minimal visitors. He can be reactive towards unfamiliar people, so is looking for patient and understanding owners who are willing to invest time and effort into his training and confidence-building. 

Oakley loves food so responds well to positive reinforcement training and has great potential to make progress in a calm home environment.  With time, patience, and encouragement, he will blossom into a more outgoing and confident dog. 

Oakley loves the company of dogs of a similar size and really benefits from their presence. Oakley could live at home with well-rounded dog who can help build his confidence though this isn’t essential. 

Oakley will need quieter walking areas where he can explore and relax. He especially enjoys our woodland area where he can get his nose to the ground and investigate. Oakley will need a private secure garden at home where he can feel safe and relaxed. 

Oakley is a wonderful dog with a lot of love to give. While he may be initially shy and cautious, with the right guidance and care, he will make a lovely companion. 

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