Navy is a young terrier who loves to be on the go! 

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3 years old

The perfect home

Little Navy is our handsome young man who is searching for his very own family. This 3-year-old chap is full of beans and is looking for a family to match his energy levels. Navy loves nothing more than getting out and exploring new areas making sure to leave no stone unturned and once outdoor adventures are over it's time for some fun at home before a good rest.

Navy is looking for experienced owners, as with his energy levels, unfortunately also comes a repetitive behaviour we are trying to decrease. When over stimulated or anxious Navy will resort to spinning as a form of relief, so we are currently encouraging other behaviours such as sniffing or engaging with us which is helping. In his new home, owners, who are around all day to begin with, will be necessary to help with his training needs.

We have introduced Navy to other dogs whilst with us and he does enjoy contact with them and is able to interact nicely off lead, however when on lead he becomes frustrated and vocal toward other dogs. He would benefit from living with another dog but if not going to live with another walking buddies out and about are a must to help with his frustration. Navy could live with children 12 years and over providing interactions are monitored. He may need help with toilet training when first settling in.

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