Dina is a striking GSD that recently arrived in our care after being found abandoned.

My details

German Shepherd


4 years old

The perfect home

Dina loves to be in the company of her favourite people and would love to be able to spend most of the day with her family by her side. She would need anytime she is left home alone built up gradually.

Dina is lacking in social skills around other dogs and does tend to bark, however as she is very food motivated she is already learning more appropriate behaviours! She would ideally like her new home to be filled with walks where she can have some distance from other dogs whilst her new family continue her socialization.

She is a sweet girl who adores contact with people and sometimes forgets her size! She would love a life filled with adventure with her new best friend.

Dina is currently looking for a home where children are aged 14 years plus. She will likely need help with toilet training.

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