Augustus is a very special boy looking to find his forever family. Augustus arrived with us at a young age, in foster care it was noticed he was having episodes where he would lose his balance and suffered with tremor like episodes. After investigations Augustus was diagnosed with a condition called episodic falling syndrome.

He has started medication for this and we have seen a drastic improvement. Although not completely resolved his episodes are much shorter and less frequent, they are made worse with stress so he likely to need a bit of extra support while settling into a new environment. Further information on this condition can be given to any potential adopter.

My details

Cavalier King Charles


14 months

The perfect home

Augustus, or Auggy, as he is affectionately known is the sweetest boy you could wish to meet. He can be shy in new situations but it doesn’t take him long to overcome this. Augustus can be vocal when seeing new dogs out and about, but with some reassurance he builds up his confidence to greet and then is the best of friends.  He adores the company of other dogs and we are looking to find him a home with another dog as this really helps with his confidence. He can often be found curled up alongside his foster brother. 

Augustus is only young and therefore will need support with his house training moving into a new environment (particularly when its raining!). He struggles to be be left home alone as in typical puppy fashion he gets into everything! His current foster home is working on leaving him alone in his crate and he has been able to progress to being left for a few hours at a time. His new owners will  need to be able to manage not leaving him home alone initially while he settles in.

Auggy really is a clever boy and has taken incredibly well to all of his training. He'd do fantastic in an active home that is looking for a fun dog. 

Augustus travels really well in the car and is happy to settle down and sleep in the car. He could potentially live with cats in his new home. Any children in his home will have to be 12+ as he can be a bit worried by younger children.

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