The success of Hope Rescue is driven by our team of dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers, along with our generous supporters. Therefore, whether you are an employee, volunteer or supporter, Hope Rescue is committed to supporting and promoting your wellbeing.

As part of this, we aim to maintain an environment where people can raise concerns without the fear of being ignored or judged. This is the reason we do everything we can to safeguard our staff, volunteers and supporters.

In Hope Rescue we believe that safeguarding children and adults is everyone’s responsibility. It is a key priority for the Board of Trustees and the Management team.

We strive to: 

·         Be open-minded and non-judgemental

·         Ensure we have clear guidelines and procedures for identifying and managing risk

·         Provide appropriate training for staff and volunteers

·         Ensure we have robust recruitment and management policies and practices in place that are reviewed and update regularly

·         Encourage reporting of concerns and ensure that they are followed up with appropriate action taken, as necessary

·         Learn from experience in order to continuously improve

The policy statement applies to all those working at Hope Rescue, to our volunteers and members of the public supporting the vital work we do.