We’re devastated to say that a third dog supported through our Palliative Paws foster scheme has sadly passed away. Recently, Bindi and Peyton crossed over the rainbow bridge and now over the weekend, we had to say goodbye to the lovely Florence.
At the ripe old age of 14, Florence came into our care us as a stray. It didn’t take us long to discover she was completely blind and she was clearly very emaciated with a body score of 2/9 (her ribs and spine were clearly visible). She was also struggling with a severe flea allergy and very bad dental disease, which resulted in 14 teeth being removed and a further 12 removed in a second surgery. The sad thing is that being a stray dog we knew nothing about Florence before the moment she was found and knew that she couldn’t have travelled far alone.
We knew Florence needed a loving and supportive home, so not long after her arrival she moved into her foster home with the wonderful Pauline. After further vet visits it was discovered that Florence unfortunately had degenerative kidney disease so she became part of our palliative paws foster scheme to live out the rest of her days with Pauline, who treated her like the queen she was.
Pauline helped make sure Florence felt safe and happy in her home, giving her the space she needed to trot around the house without fear of bumping into anything.
Florence would still get excited every day to go for her walk and left no blade of grass unsniffed! We’re so pleased she found Pauline to live happily during her final years. Rest in peace sweet girl.