At Hope Rescue, we’re calling for animal welfare to be a priority at the voting booth and for the next UK Government.

In recent years, there have been missed opportunities to strengthen protections for vulnerable dogs, but there is a chance in the future for decision makers to bring positive change for animal welfare.

We have 5 priorities for the next UK Government.

Stronger breeding regulations to protect dogs from being bred in low welfare conditions or with innate health issues.

This includes increasing resources to enforce existing and future legislation, raising standards in licensed premises and tackling illegal breeders.

Improved dog control legislation that tackles the root causes of dog-related incidents.

Legislative measures should be preventative and proportionate to effectively protect public safety and the deal with the issues facing our communities, whilst also ensuring better dog welfare.

Protection for imported pets including legislation to deal with puppy smuggling and mutilations.

We were devastated when the Kept Animals Bill was dropped, and the subsequent Pet Imports Bill. This element needs to be resurrected, in particular to stop the import of dogs with cropped ears. 

A phased end to greyhound racing in the UK

It’s time to cut the chase and protect these wonderful animals from the risk of injury and death through racing.

Statutory grants for animal welfare organisations.

With the animal welfare sector in the midst of a crisis, the UK should follow the Republic of Ireland’s example and provide funding to registered animal welfare charities engaged in the rescue, rehoming or rehabilitation of animals and provision of education on animal welfare. 


Have your say

You can support our aims for this election by asking your election candidates to prioritise animal welfare. What is their stance on our 5 priorities?