Caerphilly County Borough Council recently turned down an application from Valley Greyhound Stadium to extend their facilities to support the transition to becoming a commercial greyhound stadium. This would have resulted in hundreds more injured, dead and surplus dogs due to the sheer volume needed to fulfill lucrative live-streaming contracts for the gambling industry.

The track also has an application pending to provide racing kennels for at least 100 dogs, possibly 200 as the plans appear to show they will be double stacked. Again, this is to facilitate the transition to a commercial track and illustrates the vast volume of dogs needed to fill race cards for the live-streaming contracts.

Please do send a clear message to the Council that you do not want to see more injuries, deaths and surplus dogs in Wales. If you commented on the last application, you will need to comment again as they aren't carried forward.

On behalf of dogs like Jilly, who lost her leg racing at Valleys, thank you so much.