Our financial year 2019-20 has just ended and during the last 12 months Hope Rescue has cared for 840 dogs.

Of these, 539 were strays, 99 surrendered by their owner/puppy farmer, 3 were seized from a breeder, 32 came from other rescues, 74 were greyhounds from our Amazing Greys project, 27 puppies born in foster, 35 were boarded to help other rescues, 24 were cared for through our Respite Scheme until they could return to their owners and 7 dogs were returned to us by their adopter.

We are the only dog rescue kennels in Rhondda Cynon Taf, and help the most vulnerable dogs in communities across South Wales. We have three stray dog contracts and take every single unclaimed stray from another three pounds, irrespective of their age, breed or medical condition.

That amounts to 1/4 of all the stray dogs in Wales.

We are now fighting for survival, fighting to keep our doors open. Almost all of our income disappeared overnight - charity shop, boarding kennels, paddock hire, grooming and fundraising events. We've furloughed staff and negotiated mortgage/loan holidays to reduce costs. We're working hard to apply for every grant possible but sadly, we can't apply for many as there is hardly anything out there for animal welfare: we feel forgotten.

If we close, who is going to help these vulnerable dogs? Being able to help 840 dogs is always a significant challenge. Who will help them if we can’t? Our services have never been needed more.

Currently, we have 75 dogs in our care. Alfie, a 15-year-old much loved Springer Spaniel came into us recently. His elderly owner had moved into palliative hospital care and Alfie is now in one of our amazing foster homes.


Please consider making a donation, however small, to help us keep our doors open. You can make a regular gift or one-off donation here.  

Alternatively, you can call us on 01443 226659 to donate over the phone, or via Paypal - [email protected].

In these difficult times, we really appreciate your support. Thank you, on behalf of Alfie and many dogs like him.