The definition of torture breeding is “breeding in the full knowledge that the dog is likely to suffer”. We have seen the full impact of this, having taken in many bully type dogs with extreme characteristics such as excess skin folds and nose ropes, dense muscle and bone and flat (brachycephalic) faces.

The breeders are only breeding what the public demand, and these “torture” breeders are easy to identify with fancy kennel names and the focus being on pretty colours and exaggerated features. They tend to focus on English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and American Bullies. Sadly, not all of the dogs and puppies that we have taken in have survived and our team have had to make some incredibly hard decisions for their welfare. We firmly believe that the public need to see the suffering these dogs go through purely for profit and were pleased to contribute to the Panorama and Disclosure programmes which are airing tonight on BBC One.

"Panorama goes undercover to reveal the increasingly close relationship between organised crime and dog dealing. Reporter Sam Poling infiltrates a network of dealers making millions by breeding dogs to extremes. She exposes how some drugs dealers have switched from dealing narcotics to dealing dogs and shows how the growing popularity of breeds like American and French bulldogs has led some breeders to resort to cruel and dangerous tactics."

Keanu, pictured here, is just one of our dogs featured. His obvious deformities are not a one-off example of poor breeding. We have so many bully type breeds coming through our doors that have been subjected to these extreme breeding practices in the pursuit of profit”.

Please do watch the programme this evening or on demand:



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