Heidi is a 6-year-old Shihtzu who arrived last weekend with five other dogs as an unclaimed stray with no microchip from the Local Authority kennels. All six of the intake have varying health issues. Heidi had the worst eye condition our team had ever seen. It was difficult to see if there was even an eye in place on the left side. We were so concerned that we took her straight to our vets.

The vet inspection revealed that Heidi’s upper eyelid on the left eye was missing and replaced by scar tissue and there is a scar on the left side of her face. The vets believe that she may have had an injury to the left eyelid and because she was unable to blink the eye had ruptured and become infected as a result, which would have been so painful for this poor girl. Due to the severity of the eye the vets recommended the eye to be removed immediately. This procedure will ultimately help to clear the infection but almost instantly relieve her of the pain she was dealing with.

Heidi also has moderate dental issues which will require surgery at a later date but for now she is receiving all the TLC she needs in one of our wonderful foster homes.

If you are in a position to help Heidi, then we would be so grateful.

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