We’re incredibly fortunate at Hope Rescue to have a strong and wonderful network of foster carers and families who for one reason or another have decided to open their homes and their hearts to one or many of the dogs coming into our care.
Not all dogs can handle life in our kennels, regardless as to how short that might be or how comfortable we make them. Foster homes are the best way for these dogs to not only feel safe and cared for but for them to learn more about how to live within a home/family environment. One of our foster carers, Nicola, shared this with us recently...
“I just wanted to share the reason why we chose to foster. This is our beautiful boy Ollie who we sadly lost to cancer a few years ago. We could never get over the heartbreak of losing him and didn't want to feel like we had replaced him. Fostering means we get to give dogs a loving family home, where we can spoil them and help them on their path to forever homes.
“We get the joy of watching foster dogs learn new things and grow in confidence. We get the all the cuddles and love the dogs have to give, its truly a pleasure to have each foster dog in our lives. It's a little sad when they get adopted but then we get to love another dog and the joys start all over again. Fostering has been the best decision we have made.”
We simply adore our foster carers and families because even though they know the dog or dogs they take in will move onto their forever homes one day, they still come forward and provide a loving, nurturing and homely space.
When the dog is finally rehomed they don’t consider themselves as “losing that dog” but instead they’ve gained an extra space in their hearts for a set of pawprints they may never have been fortunate to have known if they hadn’t fostered.
Could you foster a dog? We'd love to hear from you.