We are asking for some urgent help to build a new outdoor paddock area. With so many dogs in our care we are looking to build a new area for younger pups and dogs to learn, play and relax. We have put together a special area on our wishlist with items needed to create the safe and secure space, as well as some play items that will help to enrich their young lives. 

You can donate directly on our wishlist


or give a donation towards the costs.


Thank you.

Puppies need to have access to enriched environments to aid their development. Being able to experience different substrates, smells and activities as young puppies means they become more resilient to stress meaning they are less likely to show fear-based behaviours as they grow. Other outside areas at the centre are not suitable for puppies due to the risk of disease so this will be an area solely for puppies and will be easy to clean between litters. It will also be a lovely area for puppies for spend time with volunteers to get some crucial positive socialisation and meet their potential new adopters. As we all know puppies grow fast so we will be getting to work on this dedicated space very soon.

If you work in the trade or know someone that does and would like to donate physical items from this list, we would love to speak to you [email protected]