Hope Rescue is appealing for help to find out more about an emaciated dog found on a doorstep in Church Village on Saturday evening.

A member of the public kindly called and brought her in to Hope Rescue. On arrival, staff quickly rushed her to the vet. She has been given the name Kylie, and we believe she is only a few years old. 

As you can see from the photos, Kylie is emaciated and weak. She was passing a lot of bloody diarrhoea when she arrived, and this continued through Saturday night at the vets. 


Kylie has been on IV fluids overnight and is being kept comfortable whilst we await the results of blood and faecal samples.

Sara Rosser, Operations Manager at Hope Rescue, says,

“We hope the public can help to fill in some background information for Kylie, to ensure she has the appropriate treatment.

The vets believe her condition isn't the sole result of not being fed enough food, but may be caused by a medical condition which has sadly gone untreated for a while. The most likely condition is a malabsorption issue, where the body is unable to digest food properly or absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs”.

If anyone has any information about how Kylie came to be in this condition, please contact Hope Rescue on 01443 226659. It would also be beneficial to the vet and Kylie's diagnosis if we knew how long she has been unwell. 


It is going to be a long road to recovery for Kylie but both Hope Rescue and our vets will do everything possible to help her. She is the sweetest little lady.


The costs of Kylie's treatment so far is around £750 but it is likely to increase as she needs further treatment. Hope Rescue has launched a funding appeal to help.

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