Here at Hope Rescue, we often deal with upsetting cases. But nothing upsets us more than seeing the senior dogs come in to our care from the pound, often deliberately abandoned at the time they needed their owner’s the most. It’s been a pretty tough week and there have been a lot of tears shed. Ending up in the pound is hard enough for any dog, but imagine how confusing it must be for an older dog who has spent their life in a home. Then imagine if they are also feeling poorly, uncomfortable or in pain due to untreated health issues. This week we welcomed three such dogs at the rescue centre Bindi, Rose and Elmer. The tragic reality though is that ending up in the pound is the best thing that could have happened to them, as they will now receive the vet care they desperately need and we will ensure their retirement is the one they deserve, regardless of how much time they have left.

Bindi is a 14 year old Australian Cattle Dog. She arrived with the most horrendous ear infection which had filled her ears . She appears to be deaf but we are hopeful she may recover some of her hearing once her ear infection clears up. Her legs are a bit wobbly, and she is also in need of a dental. Bindi spends most of her time sleeping, but does love to potter around and we were thrilled to find a foster home for her as soon as her 7 days were up. She’s already started treatment and we hope she is now on the road to recovery.

Rose is very slow on her legs, she also has a large mammary lump and will most likely also require a dental. We are also concerned that her cough may be an indication of heart issues. Poor Rose was also crawling in fleas. She is the sweetest little girl, and spent her first day snoozing in the office before going home on foster with one of our amazing staff members.

Elmer arrived as an unclaimed stray from the same pound as Rose. He is an elderly Malamute, and as we lifted him out of the van it was clear how much he was struggling and once again our hearts were broken. We really weren’t sure if his legs were strong enough to hold him up. The vet diagnosed advanced arthritis in his hips and muscle wastage in his back legs. His coat is filthy dirty and his skin underneath is dry and flaky. The poor lad also has a severe flea infestation. After discussion with our vet, we’re going to do our very best to build up his strength as much as we can, aided by pain relief for his arthritis. He’s just the best boy and deserves his happy ending. He’s still in kennels but we’ll be looking for a foster home for this lovely boy.

These senior citizens sure know how to worm their way in to our hearts. With our vet fees at an all time high, we’re preparing ourselves for a tough year – possibly even tougher than COVID as we become overwhelmed with dogs not only needing our help, but coming in with expensive health issues. Happy endings do indeed start with Hope, but we are going to need your support more than ever. You can donate here on our website, over the phone 01443 226659 or Text SENIORS to 70085 to donate £3

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