A partnership with Hope Rescue offers a meaningful way for your business to support vulnerable dogs right here in Wales.

Staff Fundraising

Partner with us, and benefit from a dedicated member of the fundraising team who will assist you in engaging your team and organising enjoyable fundraising activities.

Charity of the Year

Your company can make a lasting impact by supporting us for a year or more, helping us care for the dogs in our community.

Event Sponsorship

Elevate your brand by sponsoring our events, such as the annual Hope Rescue Ball or our annual dog show, Barking Mad.

Tap below to find out more about event sponsorship packages.

Event sponsorship packages 

Marketing Partnerships

Increase sales and enhance your brand's visibility by incorporating a donation to Hope Rescue with each purchase of your products or services.

Payroll Giving

Find out how to make donations directly from your wages or pension before it is taxed.

Payroll Giving

Gifts in Kind and Pro Bono Support

Whether it's providing toys and treats for our dogs in kennels, or offering professional advice and services, your contributions can make a significant difference for dogs in our care.

Advantages of being a Hope Rescue partner

Current Hope Rescue partners