Payroll Giving provides a way for you to make donations to Hope Rescue from your wages or pension before it is taxed.

Donations are paid directly through your employer’s Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme. That means that, once set up, your donation is taken out of amount you receive every month from your employer and given straight to us, you only pay tax on what is left.

The biggest benefit of Payroll Giving is that your donations are magnified. For every one pound that you give, we will receive more than one pound. That’s because the tax you would normally pay on that one pound is given to us, it’s very similar to the way that Gift Aid works.

Here is an example of how payroll giving makes your donation go further

If you would like to make a £10 every month and you pay 20% tax, then your salary will be reduced by £8 per month. If you are a 40% tax payer then your salary will be reduced by just £6 and if you are a 45% taxpayer then a £10 donation will cost you just £5.50. Payroll Giving is a very tax-efficient way to make donations to a charity, especially if you pay more than the 20% basic tax rate.

Want to find out more, then please ask your employer today. Our fundraising team are also always happy to help

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