This lovely little lady touched so many hearts and minds after being left on a doorstep in October 2023. 

We appealed for the public’s help to find out more about what had happened to Kylie before she came in. 

A member of the public kindly called us and brought her in to our rescue centre. On arrival, our staff quickly rushed her to the vet. 

Kylie was emaciated and very weak. She was passing a lot of bloody diarrhoea when she arrived, and this continued through her first night at the vets.  

Kylie was put on IV fluids and was kept comfortable whilst we awaited the results of blood and faecal samples.

Our vets believed her condition wasn't the sole result of not being fed enough food, but may have been caused by a medical condition which had sadly gone untreated for a while. The most likely condition was a malabsorption issue, where the body is unable to digest food properly or absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs. 

There was still a way to go to get Kylie up to full health. But she started on Vitamin B12 injections, which were required weekly whilst we built up her health.

She was also on a special hypoallergenic food recommended by our vets.

Despite everything she had been through, it was surprising that she was so trusting and loving.

Sadly, the team noticed Kylie was very quiet one morning and was breathing heavier than normal.

She was immediately checked over by the wonderful team at our local veterinary practice and was admitted into their care.

Kylie was receiving supportive care for pneumonia, which the vets believed was a secondary condition related to her undiagnosed gastrointestinal issues.

Despite the veterinary team’s best efforts her breathing continued to deteriorate, as her body was so weak to begin with it meant this poor sweet girl was already battling against the odds.

As the root cause of her condition was still unknown, despite multiple tests, after some very difficult discussions with the vets the decision was made to let her pass peacefully to end her suffering.

The love, support and donations from Hope supporters meant the world to the team, as we worked hard to try and give Kylie a second chance at a happy life.

Knowing that so many of you were thinking of her and praying for her to be OK warmed our hearts and lifted our spirits.

Thank you.