As the non-stop rescue, one of the major challenges we face is finding space to help the next dog that needs us. 

When the next call is to help five dogs, the challenge is even greater. This is when our experience and dedication make the biggest impact.

Dog owner in crisis

We took a call from an owner in crisis, seeking our help with five Staffordshire Bull Terrier pups. A significant change in family circumstances meant that they needed help urgently. 

This is one of more than 150 calls that we receive every month, from owners needing help to rehome their dogs. At the same time, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of strays coming into our care. 

With the support of an amazing network of volunteer foster homes, we can make swift decisions when our kennels are at capacity.  

For the five pups this was a lifeline, and we were able to bring them into our care. 

Urgent medical care

Sadly, two of the pups had serious eye conditions, which meant that, for one of them, removal of an eye was the only option available.  A special thank you to West Country Bullie Walks for helping to cover the vet bill for the pups.  

Despite this incredibly difficult start to life, the pups, who we have named Bluey, Chilli, Bingo, Bandit, and Stripe, are now doing well in their foster homes. We are now taking adoption applications for the puppies.

Adopt the bluey pups

Non-stop rescue

When every day is non-stop, our supporters, partner organisations, and incredible volunteer foster homes help us to make lifesaving decisions quickly.

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