The loud noises, smells, and flashing lights from fireworks can be stressful for our dogs. During the firework season, there are some things that we can do to try and keep them calm and reassured.


1.      Create a safe space for your dog.

This could be a favourite calm spot in the room, with comforting blankets. Try not to confine them to a small area but give them options of places to retreat where they feel safe.

2.      Create background noise

Acclimatising your dog to background noise may help. This could be from music or a TV. Uplifting music or something with a good beat can provide a good level of ambient sound.

3.      Keep blinds or curtains closed

This will help to minimise the effect of sudden flashing lights. It also creates a cosier environment. Keep your lights on to minimise the effect of flashing lights outside.

4.      Keep them occupied with a tasty treat

Using long-lasting treats or toys (such as the ‘Kong’ variety) can help to distract.

5.      Keep your dog inside where possible

This will keep them from the noisy environment and will also prevent them bolting if they feel scared. Try and take a final walk earlier in the day.

6.      Stay with your dog

This is a good way to offer reassurance. They will pick up on your feelings too so try and remain calm, even if you’re not a big fan of fireworks

At Hope Rescue, we have extra staff working to comfort the dogs throughout the evenings leading up, to and following Nov 5th.

We also provide cosy dens in the kennels and classic FM on top volume to block out some of the noise.