There are a number of way you can decide to leave a lasting gift as your legacy. Here are some ideas of the type of gift you may wish to consider for Hope Rescue dogs:

  • A residual legacy is a percentage of your estate after loved ones have been provided for.
  • A gift of a fixed sum of money is called a pecuniary legacy gift.
  • A particular named item left as a gift in your will is known as a specific legacy. Property, land, antiques, jewellery, or shares are all examples.
  • A reversionary legacy is a gift which someone can benefit from in their lifetime. For instance, your house could be left for the use of a relative. If they pass away, it could then be left to charity.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a visit to the Hope Rescue Centre to see our work at first hand and to discuss the difference a gift would make, please contact us 01443 226659 or email [email protected]