When Stanley came into our care, in August 2023, we were overwhelmed by the amount of support and love he received from our supporters.

He moved into a foster home with two of our staff members who also very rapidly fell in love with his funny and gentle personality.

It was clear Stanley had suffered, but he was incredibly forgiving and appeared to be so happy to be in a loving home environment.

Stanley received surgery for his horrendous dental disease where it was found his jaw would not open more than a couple of centimetres.  It was hoped this would improve post-surgery and, initially, Stanley seemed to be doing well, although he had to have only liquid food which he was able to lap (as his mouth would not open wide enough for him to chew).

However, Stanley continued to suffer recuring infections in his mouth, due to it being difficult for him to swallow, and he remained unable to move or open his jaw.

He needed quite an intensive cleaning regime which he tolerated but, despite pain relief, it was clear there was discomfort and that this was a permanent condition.  Even with round the clock care in his foster home, it was clear that Stanley's quality of life was affected and, after he developed yet another infection, the decision was made that it was not in Stanley's best interest to continue, and that the kindest thing was for him to be put to sleep.

He left us very peacefully in the arms of his foster Dad.

We are so glad that Stanley was able to have the best few weeks he will have had in a long time in foster, but are so sad that he had to suffer so much before coming into our care and that the damage done was irreversible.

Stanley will be hugely missed and never forgotten. Thank you to everyone who supported his appeal and enabled us to give Stanley the best possible care.