Hope Rescue has written an open letter in response to a heartbreaking note left by a distressed dog owner.

Arti was found by police, tied to a pole with this note


Dear Dog Lover

We are writing to let you know that Arti, as we have called him, has been found with your note and is safe and well in our care.

We hope this knowledge eases your pain a little.

We know how hard this must have been, your heartfelt note has reduced our staff to tears this morning. It’s clear he was a much loved and well cared for pet, and we can see what a healthy, happy boy he is. It’s also clear that you have tried every avenue to rehome him responsibly and had nowhere else to turn.

If we were one of the rescues you rang for help, we are truly sorry if we had to say no. Sadly the animal welfare sector is in crisis right now, with rescue centres unable to keep up with the overwhelming demand for spaces. This week we’ve seen dogs and puppies abandoned in truly shocking conditions.

We have already received seven calls so far today from desperate owners asking for help. We know that every caller has a story just like yours, and it’s hard, really hard having to decide who we can help and who we can’t.

Each time we have to say “no” it affects us more than we can put into words. We care, deeply. We are doing everything we can to help as many owners as possible, including our new Hope in the Community programme, but the sheer scale of the challenges we are facing right now weigh heavily on our somewhat fragile shoulders.

We cannot do it alone, our caring, passionate and overworked sector cannot do it alone. We need a community response to the current crisis. We’re hopeful our new government will listen to the animal welfare experts who come to them with solutions to the challenges.

When we tell them that they need to clamp down on illegal breeding, that they need to put more resources into enforcement, we hope they respond. We’re hopeful that funders will better understand the links between human well-being and animal welfare, and the benefits that a One Health approach brings to our communities, we hope they invest in our sector.

We’re hopeful that the public will think more carefully about acquiring a new pet, understand the commitment and resources needed to care for a pet, and research how to acquire that pet responsibly whether they purchase or rescue it, we hope that by demanding better that standards can be raised.

We also hope that our dog-loving communities will reach out to their local rescues offering help and support, whether that be adopting, fostering, donating, volunteering or even just sharing their social media posts, we hope together we can change the story for the pets relying on us. We can only live in hope.

Take care

Love from the Hope Rescue Team


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