Our Vision

Our vision is a future where all dogs are treated with care, kindness and respect.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a place of safety for vulnerable dogs, rehabilitating and rehoming them whilst working towards creating lasting change to improve the welfare of all dogs. We will collaborate with partner organisations to provide services to our local communities and support owners to help them keep their pets.

Our Core Values

At Hope Rescue we are guided in our work by the following core values:


We aim to provide our dogs with the highest standards of care ensuring their emotional and physical wellbeing needs are met.


We show compassion for both the dogs in our care and the people we deal with, whatever their circumstances for needing our services.


We do not discriminate against the dogs we help based on their breed, age or medical condition. No adoptable dog is unnecessarily euthanised due to space or time constraints. 


We are committed to creating lasting change for dogs in our care and for dogs we'll never meet.     


We strive to work in a way that is open, honest, transparent and is accountable to our stakeholders, respecting and valuing our staff, trustees, volunteers, partners and supporters.