Leaving a gift for Hope dogs in your Will is an incredibly special way to ensure your love for animals continues as your lasting legacy. Every single legacy gift, no matter the size, makes such a difference to the dogs in our care, helping them to find the happiness they deserve now, and for many years to come.

At Hope Rescue, we've been working hard to improve the welfare of dogs since 2005. We do not discriminate against the dogs we help on the basis of their breed, age or medical condition, and many come in with underlying health conditions that can cost thousands of pounds. 

We also have a number of dogs with ongoing medical or behavioural needs that are part of our Assisted Adoption programme. These dogs would otherwise be unadoptable due to the costs of their long-term support. Leaving a special gift will help us to be there for every dog that needs us, including dogs like Roly.

You can read about Roly's journey of Hope.

Download our short information pack about leaving Hope Rescue a gift in your Will. 

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