Hope Rescue works in partnership with Rhondda Cynon Taf and Bridgend Councils to help lost and stray dogs in these boroughs, using our rescue centre kennels in Llanharan. The contract with Bridgend CBC now also includes part of the Vale of Glamorgan under their shared service arrangements. Stray dogs found in the wards of St Brides, Llandow/Ewenny, Llantwit Major, Cowbridge and St Athan will come into Hope Rescue. Please note that stray dogs found in any other ward within the Vale of Glamorgan will continue to go to Cardiff Dogs Home.

The Councils continue to employ Animal Wardens and if you need to report a lost or stray dog for collection, please call the Council Call Centres on the following numbers:

RCT: 01443 425001 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm) or 01443 425011 (after 5pm or at weekends/bank holidays).

Bridgend CBC 01656 643643

Vale of Glamorgan Council 01446 709105

If a stray dog is found out of hours, Hope Rescue will provide a 24 hour reception service to receive the dog. However, please note that we are unable to provide a collection service. 

Your legal responsibility

If you find a dog, it is your legal responsibility to report it to the dog warden. The stray dog laws are in place for a reason - to ensure there is a robust legal process in place and to give the owners the very best chance of finding their lost dog. Not everyone is on social media to see a found dog post on a lost and found site. It is vital that stray dogs are checked for a microchip.

We are very fortunate in South Wales that every Local Authority either works with a rescue or does its own rehoming. There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about passing a stray dog into the care of the Local Authority pounds in South Wales.

While a finder can ask for a retainer to keep a found dog for 28 days, it must still be reported to the dog warden as found. However, the dog cannot be moved out of area, nor can it be passed on or rehomed during that time.

It is also important to note that legal ownership does not pass in this situation. The legal owner can still reclaim their dog at any time in the future. Legal ownership only passes If the dog is admitted in to the Local Authority pound and is held for 7 days.

Animal wardens

The first time a dog is caught straying, the Animal Wardens will try to trace the owners and return it. On finding the dog is micro-chipped but has incorrect ownership details, the dog will stay at the Hope Rescue Centre in Llanharan and the appropriate fee will be charged if the dog is reclaimed.