Please make a donation to Hope Rescue today to care for these puppy farm survivors, and help us to be a voice for the countless pups and breeding adults in puppy farms across Wales.

Gracie and Roly were both born in the squalor of a Welsh puppy farm nearly nine years ago .

Gracie the basset hound took lots of patience in her foster home to teach her how to live in a house, including housetraining and walking on a lead. When she came to Hope she had no sight in her right eye and limited vision in the left. She was rehomed to a lovely family who worked patiently on her issues. Sadly she has since lost her other eye, a long-term effect of the horrific conditions where she spent the first year of her life.

Roly the chocolate lab was the the runt of a large litter. Separated from his litter-mates, caged alone and terrified in the dark, he waited to die, a puppy that was never meant to survive. Taken to be put to sleep before he was three months old. Thankfully, he was saved by Hope Rescue and placed in one of our foster homes. His life-limiting health problems soon became apparent: they included kennel cough and lungworm infections, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, shoulder disease, a deformed jaw and stunted growth. With all of his ongoing health conditions it was a challenge to find him a home, but finally he found his forever sofa with Paula, a member of the Hope Team. Nine years later he is still suffering from the impact of his poor breeding, his sore joints are causing him a lot of discomfort so he has started a course of hydrotherapy and he still requires regular medication.


The problems for dogs like Gracie and Roly don't just go away once they move to their forever homes - they keep paying the real costs of the greed of puppy farmers for the rest of their lives.

Thank you to everyone who signed our recent petition to refuse planning permission for a puppy farm in Blaenau Gwent. The good news is the planning committee has resolved to refuse permission, however, the story is far from over as there is the opportunity to appeal the decision. And we understand that the property is still currently being used for breeding dogs. We will continue to fight against the intensive breeding of unhealthy dogs and we will keep you updated with progress in this case.