This handsome boy is our beautiful Storm!

At 9 years old he is entering his retirement years but you'd never guess from the tippy taps of his paws as he dances for you. 

My details

Siberian Husky


9 years old

The perfect home

In typical Husky fashion Storm can be a bit aloof when he first meets you but warms up very quickly, you'll be treated to full body wiggles and toe taps in no time!

When Storm came into us he had an ingrown back toenail that was causing him pain, this has since been removed but understandably Storm is now a bit wary of the vet.

We've been working hard with Storm to help him realise how fun muzzle training and being gently restrained can be when done with plenty of tasty hot dog treats.

He's still working on not singing loudly when being held for the vet but is improving daily. Storm will need a fun but gentle new owner that is happy to continue to help Storm gain confidence with his handling.

Once you have Storm as a friend you'll have a friend for life and one that is always incredibly happy to see you.

Storm adores his people, his training, his treats, and his toys! He truly is a puppy at heart.

As he bonds so closely with his people, Storm is likely to struggle to be left home alone initially so will need a bit of support with this.

He is however housetrained and keeps his kennel very clean.

Storm is a bit of a cuddle bug with his favourite people and once he trusts you he loves to come over for a head scratch but this takes time and he can be wary of more formal handling.

Storm is happy to have dog friends out and about (as long as they don't mind his loud singing voice) but would like to be the only pet in the home. He will also be looking for an adult only household as he is likely to find children a bit overwhelming.

Experience of the husky breed would be beneficial.

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