Young Spider recently arrived in our care as a stray.

This handsome fella quickly found his feet with us and has enjoyed showing us his zest for life. 

My details 

German Shepherd


1 year old

The perfect home

Spider is currently looking for a home where adopters can match his energy levels whether this be with physical stimulation such as long hikes or sports and someone who can definitely keep his mind stimulated!

He already has some of his basics but would need these continued in his new home alongside lead training as he can be strong on lead.

Spider is likely to find a home environment overwhelming at first and will display this through mouthing and grabbing behaviours, adopters will need to be on board with slowly introducing him to home life through a few visits to the home (our behaviour team will be on hand to support you with this).

We have found that Spider is very food and toy orientated which is great for all his training needs.

We are currently working on teaching him how to settle on a mat while his people are around as currently he finds "switching off" difficult.

Spider is also working on his interaction toward dogs, at the moment, he is showing lots of frustration when greeting them, but this can be worked through, at the moment he would suit a dog free home but would benefit from companions out and about.

He has been taught to wear a muzzle to help facilitate introductions. Due to his boisterous behaviour he will need an adult only home.

If you are up for a fun journey to adopting, then Spider is your boy!

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