Rowan has been on such a journey since he originally arrived in our care as a stray. He had been seen straying in the local area for over a week and unfortunately during this time he became injured and had a large wound to his shoulder.

He was understandably defensive when he first arrived due to being in such excruciating pain whilst being in a stressful situation. The wonderful team at Maes Glas Vets nursed him back to health until he was fighting fit and ready to be discharged.

It has been a long process but Rowan is unrecognisable from the dog who we first laid eyes on. Now over a year on and as one of our longest term residents he's still searching for his perfect home. 

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3 years old

The perfect home

Rowan (or Ro-Ro as he's affectionately known) can still be a bit shy of new people so is looking for a quiet adult only home where his new owners will be able to build a relationship with him gradually over a few visits at the rescue centre.

He's made huge strides in this area and now trusts people far quicker than that timid stray that arrived all those months back! Once he is comfortable with you he loves to race around and adores playtime!

Recently he has started to let his affectionate side show a bit more with the people he trusts and has found a keen interest in training, tackling every training hurdle we throw at him head on with great enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, Rowan is still fearful in a veterinary situation so we have been working hard with him to build his confidence and we are proud to say he has completed his last few visits with no fuss and confidently wearing his muzzle! Advice can be given to new owners on how to continue to build this up.

Although it doesn’t appear that Rowan has ever lived in a home before he tries to keep his kennel very clean so it shouldn’t take him long to pick up on house training. He will need the time he is left slowly built up but travels very well in the car. He can often be seen sprawled out on his bed in his kennel, typical lurcher style! He has been practising his home manners in more real life scenarios and has proven himself to be a very polite boy inside so the kitchen bin should be safe!

Rowan will need further support in the presence of other dogs as he is currently a frustrated greeter. Initially Rowan will need walks in quieter areas to avoid him becoming stressed but with time he has the potential to make doggy friends.

When he is stressed by dogs he shows this by pulling on the lead towards them and getting bouncy but has been working hard on this at the centre and is improving massively. He has been taught to wear a muzzle to help with his initial introductions to dogs, this helps keep him safe for the first hello and then once he is comfortable he is able to have it removed.

Once his initial introduction is out the way he enjoys walking calmly alongside other dogs. He cannot live with cats or small furries.

Rowan will make a brilliant companion for an active family with a keen interest in training. He is oodles of fun and is happiest when doing zoomies or playing with his toys.

Will you give our regal Ro-Ro a chance to show you his goofy side?

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