This gorgeous young man is Roscoe.

He is bursting with energy and enthusiasm for life, always ready to embark on new adventures with his human companions. 

My details

Golden Retriever


1 year old

The perfect home

Roscoe is a smart boy who already has alot of basic training. 

Roscoe's new owners will need to be committed to further training and helping him to flourish in his new home.

His new owners will need to give him plenty of opportunities for mental stimulation as well as an active walking routine. 

Roscoe has shown some resource guarding tendencies around both food and novel items. He is looking for a patient and understanding home where his owners are committed to helping work on these anxieties. The behavioural team at Hope Rescue will support any adopter with this.

Roscoe absolutely adores water! Whether that is splashing in puddles or taking a refreshing dip in a pool, Roscoe’s enthusiasm for aquatic adventures is infectious.

Second to his love for water, is his love for his toys!

Roscoe needs a secure garden at home so he can play with his toys and investigate all the interesting smells to his hearts content. As Roscoe is still only a youngster he can still jump up and mouth, however he is currently learning life is alot more fun when he keeps all 4 paws on the floor!

Roscoe is looking for an adult only home where he is the only dog present. However, he would benefit from having regular canine walking buddies out and about to help with his confidence when meeting new dogs.

Roscoe has mild hip dysplasia that he receives daily pain relief for. 

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