Rocco, our lively and charismatic boy, has been on a journey to find his forever home for over a year, and we simply cannot fathom why it's taken this long!

This bouncy ball of energy is eagerly waiting for the perfect match to share a lifetime of adventures. Arriving as a stray, Rocco's past remains a mystery, but one thing is certain – he's a spirited and fun-loving companion. Initially a worried boy, it took some time for Rocco to trust us, but now that he has, he's revealed his true colours as a comical and charming canine companion. 

My details

Old Tyme bulldog


4 years old

The perfect home

He's incredibly well behaved in his kennel and a real favourite with both staff and volunteers.

In typical bull-breed style, Rocco can be a bit boisterous when meeting new people. He also has a sensitive side, especially around his collar or in a veterinary setting but has made HUGE progress in this area.

With the support of patient owners, he can overcome these challenges and become more comfortable in such situations.

Rocco is best suited to an adult only home to help him adjust after such a long time waiting but with the right management could have older visiting teens.

Rocco enjoys the company of other dogs and could potentially share his home with a playful canine companion, though he'd be just as content being the sole focus of your affection. This resilient and loving boy also needs a gradual adjustment to being left alone and might require some assistance with house training.

Rocco is a diamond in the rough, waiting for the right family to bring out the best in him. If you're ready to welcome a dynamic and spirited companion into your life, consider giving Rocco the forever home he's been patiently waiting for.

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