This big eared beauty is Noel, after arriving to us very scared as a stray he has started to come out of his shell and show us his happy personality.

Noel is a sensitive chap that understandably found kennel life overwhelming. Despite this he really put his best paw forward and showed us what a sweetheart he can be.

He is now residing in one of our wonderful foster homes and is really starting to display how clever he is. 

My details

Border Collie


1 year old

The perfect home

Noel is looking for a quieter adult only home that will be happy to take things at his pace.

Noel can be a bit conflicted when it comes to things like handling and fuss-he often will come up for attention but then look very worried when he gets it, so he will need his new owners to watch his body language and help him learn he can opt out of fuss when he gets overwhelmed (our team will be on hand to help you become experts on doggy body language).

He is a real sweetie and makes friends with people very quickly, he's always the first dog to greet you in the mornings with a waggy tail!

He is likely to bond closely with his new owners and as such may find being left alone hard at first.

Noel is social with other dogs but as a young dog can be a bit bouncy for some! His playstyle is all paws! Since being in a foster home, he has taken to having canine companions and as such will need to share his new home with a tolerant canine companion. He may be able to live with cats pending a successful cat test.

Noel is a clever boy and would benefit from keeping his mind active with enrichment as well as having lots of exercise. He has recently started learning the basics of agility and enjoying lots of hikes.

Experience of the collie breed would be beneficial.

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