Nemo is a unique soul with a love for following his nose and independence.

My details

Alaskan Malamute


8 years old

The perfect home

Nemo prefers to do things at his own pace, he's not one to rush into anything but rather take his time to explore his surroundings.

Nemo has a soft spot for toys and treats, which are great ways to build a bond and reveal his affectionate side.

He would thrive in a calm environment where he can have his own space to unwind. A home with a secure private garden, where Nemo can investigate to his hearts content, would be ideal.

When it's time to relax, Nemo appreciates a comfy spot where he can stretch out and chill.

He prefers not to be left alone for long periods, so needs owners that can build up any time he is left alone gradually.

Due to his independent nature, he's best suited to an adult only household, who can understand and respect his need for space and freedom.

Nemo prefers to be the only dog in the household but can walk with calmer female dogs during outings and adventures. He cannot live with cats.

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