Jinx is our gorgeous girl who is looking to find either her forever home or a temporary foster home.

My details

Belgian Shepherd


2 years old

The perfect home

Jinx would be out and about doing something every moment of the day given the chance so her new owners will need to have a love of the outdoors.

However, Jinx is not all work, she does enjoy some downtime, as long as her favourite humans are close!

Jinx is not keen on dogs in her space so is looking to be rehomed as the only pet and would prefer to be walked in areas where she won’t be hassled by off lead dogs.

Jinx is a friendly girl, but at times can be overzealous in her greetings where she jumps up and mouths, she is therefore looking for an adult only household.

Jinx struggles to be left home alone and can become very distressed, initially new owners will need to be able to manage a schedule so she isn’t left home alone and then once settled they can gradually begin to build up any time she is left.

She is an extremely intelligent girl so will hopefully pick up on her house training quickly.

She travels well in the car and is very food motivated, which is very helpful when it comes to training!

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Watch the video of Jinx's trip to the beach