Franklin is a young lad who has really been through the mill. After an unsettled start Franklin has really begun to show his bouncy personality.

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2 years old

The perfect home

Franklin can still be worried in new situations and requires reassurance during these times, for this reason he is looking for an adult only home with no visiting children.

Once Franklin has a relationship with you he loves a tactile play although he can forget his size at times!

When he is excited or a little anxious he can become very boisterous and will jump up and mouth so new owners will need to help work him through this. Franklin has had an unsettled past so will need some time to adjust to living in a home.

Franklin doesn’t appear to of had much socialisation with other dogs and can be a little unsure on how to introduce and read other dogs. When introduced to a well rounded playful dog Franklin engages in lovely play so would definitely enjoy to have canine friends in the future and could potentially live with a well matched dog in his new home. He hasn’t been introduced to cats since being with us.

As Franklin has had a sheltered life up until now he can find built up spaces or heavily populated areas very overwhelming, for now he prefers walks in quieter areas where he can choose to approach things in his own time.

Franklin can be very strong on lead. He will need support with house training and have any time he is left home alone gradually built up.

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