Comet arrived in our care as a stray, no owner came forward to claim him so he has stayed with us for rehoming.

My details

Staffordshire bull terrier cross


2 years old

The perfect home

Comet is a very active boy who loves to be on the go.

Whilst he needs an active owner who can give him keep him both mentally and physically stimulated he will also need further training to help him settle around the house.

He will need an owner who is home the majority of the day to gradually build up the time he is left. He tries to be clean in is kennel so should pick up house training quickly.

Comet doesn’t appear to of had much experience socialising with other dogs and can be very easily frustrated. He initially displays this by being vocal and reactive towards the dog however after gradual introductions he can be introduced to another laid back dog.

This process does take time so new owners will need to be committed to further training with Comet.

For general walks Comet will need distance away from unfamiliar dogs whilst he is taught better coping methods. He will need to be the only pet in the household. Comet is a sociable lad with people and enjoys having a fuss.

He can be very boisterous when it comes to playtime, he loves to chase after toys and destuffing teddys! He can live with children 14+.

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