Chestnut is a little firecracker, this stunning girl arrived with us from the local pound and has made a big impression on the team! 

My details

Staffordshire bull terrier cross


2 years 2 months

The perfect home

This girl is a ball of energy that loves is always on the go, from the moment she comes out for her walk to the moment she goes back to bed she wants to explore every sight and sound around her. 

Despite her active demeanour she does have a few worries about life and can find some new experiences scary.  She adores people but can be a little worried when first meeting some. For this reason she is learning to wear a muzzle to help facilitate safe introductions, children and big beards particularly worry her!

She is, however, a very responsive dog who is quick to learn so for owners who are keen on training she will be ideal.

Chestnut also loves other dogs and gets very excited to see them, like with people she does forget her manners so not every dog is super keen in her but for those that enjoy play she is good fun, she does have the potential to live with another dog providing they can keep up with her. 

Due to her boisterous but worried nature, she is currently looking for an adult only home. She will need owners around during the day to help ensure she doesn’t get up to any mischief whilst being alone but has already started on her crate training and is doing well.  If you are looking for an active companion Chestnut is your girl. Chestnut cannot live with cats, chickens, or small furies.

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